Turkish Course Descriptions for Youth and Children

Turkish Course Descriptions for Youth and Children

In this course, students who can speak Turkish develop their language knowledge, particularly their reading and writing skills, while having a compelling cultural immersion experience. They engage with the language through diversified and fun activities such as storytelling, songs, games, drama, history and art related to Turkey. The learning materials include some children’s books and resources as per Turkey National Public school system.


Pre-requisites: This class is best suited for students who can speak Turkish. Age range 7-13 years.

Textbook: No textbook required for this course.

Right at the end of this course will be your time for a wonderful vacation. Would you like your children to learn some Turkish before your vacation to Turkey? It would help them make the most of their vacation. Wouldn't that be great, while you are visiting a restaurant, your child is going to be able to order your dinner or help you get around? While you are checking in a hotel, your child will be able to complete the hotel registration formalities, when they meet new people they will be able to introduce themselves to locals, and they will learn some Turkish games to enjoy with the community. 
This course focuses on giving them the basic language skills they will need in an interactive and playful manner and includes plenty of background information including cultural practices and commonalities. All the basics you need to make your Turkey trip a success!
*age range: 10-14 years old
Pre-requisites: No prior knowledge of Turkish is expected.
Textbook: No textbook required.