Wadha Al-Hajri

Wadha Al-Hajri

MA in Audiovisual Translation
Class of 2017

Wadha Al-Hajri is one of our graduates of the MA in Audiovisual Translation program. She is currently working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a translator, “I translate texts related to the foreign relations between Qatar and other countries as well as contracts, conventions and political emails”.

“I first learned about the MA Programs when I was an undergraduate student at Qatar University. CHSS Faculty came to visit one of our translation classes and introduced their MA Programs in translation and interesting studies to us. At first, I was hesitant as to whether or not I wanted to pursue an MA in the field of translation, but all doubt was quickly eliminated after meeting some of the program’s faculty members. I knew that the time had come for me to study something practical; something new that the Arab world was lacking.”

Finding the balance between work and study life is always a challenge to students who are also full-time employees. Wadha explains that “it was hard to find the balance in the beginning, but after a while, everything fell into place. I knew what I should prepare or do for classes and how much time it needs and managed my time accordingly.”