Sport Writing and Editing - December

Sport Writing and Editing - December


Workshop Leader: Nabeel Rashid
Workshop Schedule Date: 03 December 23 - 06 December 23
Workshop Schedule Time: 4:00 – 7:00 PM
Duration: 3 hours
Venue: Penrose House (LAS) Building - Classroom A015

About the Workshop

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Writing is an essential process in almost every sporting content around the world. During the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, for example, the world understood the matches played and the images displayed, viewed on their television sets, mobile devices, tracked online or commented upon in the media. But how? Writing is the key!

This workshop exposes participants to sports writing techniques in Arabic and English and develops in them the skills required in professional sports writing and editing.



The workshop consists of:

  • Presentations, 

  • Examples reflecting cases of sports writing, 

  • Practice on the writing and editing strategies adopted in sports content, 

  • A review of the sports writing and editing techniques that ensure adequate content outcomes



A set of exercises will be presented to the participants to enable them to evaluate their skills in the writing and editing of texts in Arabic and English.

Participants will have the opportunity to openly exchange the challenges they encounter in their writing/editing environments. Brainstorming questions will be raised during the workshop to ensure involving all participants.


Learning Objectives

  1. Introduce participants to the various ways that would develop in them the needed skills to sports writing and editing;
  2. Increase professional awareness among participants such as intercultural competence, and social factors in sports contexts;
  3. Develop the skills required for participants to deal with various sports-related texts;
  4. Develop sport terms search skills and train participants to use proper dictionaries and glossaries.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Draft sports-related passages and assess them in terms of the criteria of naturalness;

  2. Apply writing skills and knowledge to solve issues and problems in sports-related texts;

  3. Constructively revise sports-related texts/translations completed by peers, based on international standards, to meet the requirements of naturalness (cohesion, coherence, genre, text type…);

  4. Search for background sports knowledge and terminology using appropriate resources, and make informed decisions about sports terms and phrases.


Target Participants

This workshop is recommended for bilingual editors, journalists and copywriters in sport fields. Translators, beginners and professionals, are also encouraged to attend this workshop.


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About the Leader/Instructor
Nabeel Rashid

Nabeel is a translation reviser at HBKU’s TII. He also offers professional training to interns during their MA in translation studies. Before working at TII, Nabeel Rashid worked as an accredited court translator in Canada at the Ministry of Justice in Vancouver. He also worked as a registered health care interpreter in the Provincial Health Authority in Vancouver-Canada and provided translation services as a licensed community translator in the same city with human rights organizations such as the United Nations’ Vancouver Association for Survivors of Torture.     

Nabeel completed a postgraduate diploma in health care and community translation at British Columbia’s top career training hub, Vancouver Community College in 2012. He has two degrees in English, BA and MA from the University of Baghdad, where he worked as a lecturer at the Departments of English and translation. In 2003, he worked as a senior translator to the Secretary General of the Qatar Olympic Committee for years, and acted as a member of the Doha Asian Games Organizing Committee, in charge of the translation legacy in 2006.  

Nabeel Rashid was granted membership in translation and teaching societies such as the Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia (Vancouver-Canada, 2009-2013), the American Translators Association (Virginia-USA, 2005-2009), and the Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English (Nova Scotia-Canada, 2015-Present).

Among the translated and revised books by Nabeel Rashid in sports fields are: Vancouver Olympic Games: IOC Gathering and OG Events – 2010, Lifesaving and Water Safety by ILSF in 2008, The Moment of Lifetime: A Documentary on Sports History in Qatar- 2007, Qatar Delegation Book to Macau Asian Games-2007, Qatar in Athens Olympic Games- 2004, as well as tens of translated articles published by Qatar Athletics Federation on biomechanics, nutrition and genetic engineering in sports fields.