Kids Language Courses - General Policies

Kids Language Courses - General Policies

1- Registration

  • Students must pre-register online and then confirm their registration by paying their course fee at the TII Registration office in the LAS building, first floor. The tuition fee should be paid in full before the start of the course. The Language Center only accepts payments by debit or credit card. Students are not guaranteed a place in the course until they have paid their course fees.
  • Late registrations are accepted up to the second class meeting based on space availability. Late registrants must pay their tuition in full before the start of their first class. 

2- Cancellations

  • The Language Center reserves the right to cancel courses due to lack of sufficient enrollment.  In that case students receive a full refund of their tuition fee. Students may also choose to apply their tuition to another language course.
  • Purchased textbooks cannot be returned nor refunded. Only in case TII’s Language Center cancels the course and if the textbook is still in the original packaging. If the textbook has been opened the student will only be refunded the course tuition fee.

3- Discount Policy

  • QF staff dependents: 10% of tuition fee applies to student whose parent is working in Qatar Foundation.
  • Siblings’ discount: 10% of tuition fee (applicable to brothers and sisters only. First child pays the full tuition fee and siblings are entitled of a 10% tuition fee discount)
  • A student who is enrolled in two different language programs is entitled for a 10% discount on the second language program. (e.g. If a student enrolls for Arabic and French in the same semester,  a student pays the full tuition for Arabic and gets a 10% discount for French.)
  •  Members of Spanish Women in Qatar: 10% of tuition fee on Reading and Writing Workshop for Spanish Native Speakers “No Pierdas tu Lengua Nativa” (A membership card should be presented upon enrollment)
  • Parent and child discount: 10% of tuition fee for both parent and child.
  • Disabled child: 20% off tuition fee.

* Only one discount is applicable. In case the child belongs to more than one discount category, the highest discount applies.

4- Withdrawals and Refund Policy

A student who wishes to withdraw from a course must do so before the second class meeting (NOT the second meeting attended). A withdrawal request must be sent by email to the Registration Coordinator before the second class meeting at Refund requests after the second class meeting will not be accepted. No exceptions.

Refunds of tuition for withdrawal from courses are given according to the following schedule:

  • Before the course starts: 90% of tuition fee
  • After the first class meeting: 75% of tuition fee
  • After the second class meeting: No refund

* Purchased textbooks cannot be returned and refunded in case a student wishes to withdraw from the course.

To obtain a refund the student must meet the following requirements:

  1. A refund request with a valid justification must be sent to the Registration Coordinator verbal refund requests will be accepted, nor written refund requests to language instructors or language program coordinators will be accepted.
  2. A copy of the guardian's Qatari ID, the original Qatar Foundation receipt, and POS-transaction slip (customer copy) should be provided within 3 business days.
  3. The TII Language Center works with QF Finance to secure a refund for the student. The process can take up to 2-3 months.
  4. Refunds are made to the student’s parent’s credit or debit card used to make the transaction.

Defer a course to the next academic term

If a student wishes to defer a course to the next academic term, he or she must request a deferral by sending an email to the Registration Coordinator before the third class meeting (not the third meeting attended). No verbal deferral requests will be accepted, nor written deferral requests to language instructors or language coordinators will be accepted. Deferral request after the third class meeting will not be accepted. No exceptions.

  1. A deferral of study is granted to a specific equivalent course in the following academic term.
  2. The student is required to confirm his/her intention to resume studies by registering for the course previously deferred. 
  3. The student may be required to cover the difference in tuition in case there has been an increase during the deferral period.
  4. In case the course materials are updated, the student will have to assume the cost of the new materials.
  5. In case a student registers for a different or shorter course format, TII will not refund or defer the difference in the tuition fee. 
  6. TII will not refund or exchange any previously adopted materials purchased by the student. The term “materials” includes textbooks.

If the student does not register for a course in the subsequent semester, she or he will forfeit the tuition.


5- Safety and Conduct

  • All participants and their family members are responsible for observing health and safety guidelines in case of an emergency.
  • All participants and their family members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which demonstrates respect for TII and its staff, fellow students, other family members and property.
  • Children should be picked up and dropped off from the classroom on time. No child will be permitted to leave the classroom without parents or authorized guardian.
  • In case the child has a food allergy, parents should declare it in the registration form.
  • In case of an emergency, TII has the full authority to call for an action. In addition TII is authorized to call an ambulance to take the child to HMC hospital.
  • Parents or guardians are expected to inform their children that TII staff has authority over them.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the building.

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