TII Spanish Language Program

TII Spanish Language Program

Spanish Summer 2017

Summer 2017 is already here! It is this time of the year to plan your holidays and travel. How about visiting Latin America or Spain? Are you travelling to the States? No problem, because Spanish is the second most important language over there too. By mastering Spanish you can travel to 21 countries in the world and communicate with their people. You also learn about the similarities and differences in their cultures, traditions and cuisines. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world.

This summer we offer a special intensive Spanish program of 30 hours over 5 weeks. From April 23rd to May 23rd students will meet twice a week for three hours in the evening to master our Beginner and Pre- Intermediate levels. We are keenly aware of the fact that our students are primarily interested in verbal communication and although we teach all four skills, our emphasis is on speaking and listening skills. We want to fast-track you to your goal.

For those of you at the Intermediate level or above, you may want to register for our specialized 15-hour courses. During this summer term, you can take Intermediate Spanish Conversation and Culture II or True Spoken Spanish to broaden your knowledge of specific topics and work on them in greater detail than in our regular courses.

Are you a complete beginner who doesn’t have the time to commit to our intensive Beginner 1 summer course? Do not worry because you can join Spanish for Holidays, a 15-hour course to give you the basics and start your summer Spanish holidays with confidence.