TII Mandarin Chinese Language Program

TII Mandarin Chinese Language Program

Did you want to be part of the China-Qatar Year and you didn’t get around to doing it? You can still learn the language and you can benefit from the infusion of Chinese culture into Doha life that the China-Qatar Year of Culture has brought. Learning another language is an enriching after-work activity that can pick you up and leave you relaxed and refreshed.

China is the second largest economy in the world today. It is an important player on the world stage. Learning Chinese is important to understanding the Chinese people, their culture and art. Understanding characters that are the building blocks of Chinese writing opens a window into the Chinese culture. We are also well aware that our adult students are interested in developing communication skills. Our program teaches Mandarin Chinese, the official language of mainland China. In our courses, you learn how to communicate in Mandarin as well as how to recognize and write characters. You start from learning pinyin, the system of Romanization which helps you pronounce words and find their meaning in a dictionary or on Google.

Consider pursuing the Certificate in Chinese!

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