TII French Language Program

TII French Language Program

So, maybe you plan to travel in Europe this year, maybe to the heart of Europe, just like visiting and shopping in Paris, the City of Light, discovering or enjoying once more the French Alps, skiing during winter or, maybe you are already planning your next summer vacation and how fantastic it would be to visit Provence, Gascony or the French Riviera, Cannes, Nice, Menton via Monaco… And for all those good reasons, and probably many more, you might use some knowledge and skills in French, and if you already know the language, why not deepen your knowledge and skills.

Our spring program is geared towards honing your French skills whatever level you are at. And you can practice your French in any French-speaking country.

To enhance your experience learning the language with us, this spring we are offering 10 different courses and a French Pronunciation & Phonetics course, as well as a short one focusing on shopping in Paris or another short course to help you learn how to master the modern French language. In addition, we are also offering two workshops and we will celebrate the Francophonie in March, with class projects and an evening event. There’s a lot of fun in the pipeline! Come and join us!

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