TII German Language Program

TII German Language Program

The celebrations of the Qatar – Germany Year of Culture are already over, but a new year full of German language courses has only just begun!

Who we are

The concept of the German Program is not only to teach the German language, but also to provide an environment to learn about Germany’s culture, tradition and values in order to help students to have an easier start into the German educational system and working life.

Our courses are not only for future German students or if you wish to work in Germany. We provide a piece of Germany for everyone who is interested in the German culture and society.

Whether you have a business partner in Germany or you enjoy the beautiful landscape in one of the German speaking countries or if you wish to have a healthcare visit there – our German Program will help you to break the ice and will make you feel more comfortable.

Germany is not only famous for its cars or strong economy – learn more about the beautiful cities, the numerous lakes, the Swiss and Austrian Alps, the huge variety of classic music ranging from Mozart to Beethoven and of course, we will not forget to mention the excellent food, the German speaking countries have to offer!

Whatever your purpose might be, professional or personal enrichment, our NEW German language program will help you achieve your goals and will build up a versatile intercultural exchange.

With our tailor made courses with communicative approach, based on international quality standards, we will facilitate your language learning as well as guide you towards taking the German language exams, if that is your goal.

All German courses are systematically laid out, with each course building on the contents of the previous level. The levels are based on the common European reference framework for languages, which comprises six levels in total.