AWARE Writing Centre

AWARE Writing Centre


The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is home to the Academic Writing and Research Excellence Centre (AWARE). The centre specializes in assisting students develop their academic writing and research skills in both English and Arabic. Its primary objective  is to help students become better writers as they progress through their studies at CHSS.

AWARE instructors work with students to improve and develop their writing skills so that they will produce clear, well-organized and effective assignments. Instead of simply proofreading students’ work before submission, tutors provide helpful feedback on different aspects of their work in order to ensure their ongoing development as writers.

In support of this objective, the centre conducts its work along three lines:

Individual (one-to-one) Appointments

All CHSS students can make appointments for individual tutoring sessions with an instructor of English or Arabic during the semester. They can discuss different types of writing assignments, grammar, vocabulary, style and other aspects of academic writing.

Appointments can be made by clicking on the following link:


AWARE instructors conduct workshops throughout the academic year. These workshops, which maybe college-wide or course specific, focus on various aspects of academic writing including genre, style, grammar and integrity. 

Digital Resources

AWARE’s LibGuides ( contain lots of valuable information including books recommendations, videos, links, and conference listings, as well as a large number of self-help writing resources in both Arabic and English. Topics range from grammar, punctuation and style to citation, research and tips on writing theses and articles for publication.

If you need assistance with academic English, please visit the AWARE English Centre page.

If you need assistance with academic Arabic, please visit the AWARE Arabic Centre page.