Student Training Program

Student Training Program

Workshops for students

TTC offers workshops to MA students on a regular basis throughout the academic year. These workshops are targeted at supplementing academic training with key professional skills such as revision, quality assurance, translation ethics, CAT tools and terminology as well as project management and entrepreneurship. The schedule of these workshops is established in coordination with MATS and MAT Coordinators as well as the Director of the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies.


TTC is in charge of implementing the internship program targeting the professionalization of training at the College, providing students with a real-world experience that will enable them to enter the profession with clear expectations regarding the quality of their work and the norms of the workplace. Students work under the close supervision of TTC professionals to develop skills relating to translation, revision, proofreading, CAT tools and project management.


TTC offers counseling sessions for MA students in order to enable them to address the translational problems they encounter while doing their translation projects. This service enables students to develop learning skills from a professional perspective, and it is offered to students on a one-to-one basis. Any MA student may seek counseling simply by taking an appointment with a TTC professional, arranged by the Head of the Center.