French Language Instructors

French Language Instructors

Moira Maymon

French Language Program Coordinator: Moïra Maymon
Ms. Moïra Maymon is the French Language Program Coordinator at TII. She hails from Annecy, a small but vibrant touristic city located in the French Alps close to Geneva.
Reliable, lively and adaptable, she has a solid background in languages education for children, teenagers and adults. She is an expert in learning methods and tailored programs with more than 10 years of professional experience in teaching French as a foreign language both in France and overseas. Her career as a French language professional took her to the UK, Switzerland, Norway and Qatar where she previously worked with the French Institute and the French Embassy. She thrives in diverse environments where she can develop, organize, manage and teach highly effective and creative French language programs, whether they are at the level of beginner or advanced.
She holds a Master’s Degree in Language Sciences with a major in Didactics of French as a Foreign/Second Language and a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language, Literature, and Foreign Civilizations. She earned both degrees from Louis Lumière University in Lyon, France, after 2 years of Hypokhâgne, Khâgne, preparation for national competitive examinations to enter French "Grandes Écoles", specialised in French Literature, Philosophy and English Language and Literature.
She is also a certified examiner and grader of the DELF-DALF tests by the French Centre International d’Études Pédagogiques (CIEP) and a certified examiner of the TEF-TEFAQ tests by the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris (CCI).
Aside from English and French, she also speaks Spanish as well as some Italian, Swedish, Norwegian and Arabic. Aside from foreign languages and literature, she has multiple artistic interests including theatre and cinema. She is also interested in humanities and social sciences, travelling and sports particularly hiking, skiing and swimming.  
Accustomed to working in complex organizational environments, she relishes cross team collaboration and teamwork. She has natural abilities in public relations, well-developed communication and interpersonal skills.


All our instructors have been thoroughly chosen among a great number of applications and after conducting interesting interviews. They are educated in Didactics of Foreign Languages or Education, well-experienced, passionate about their job and they strongly support our French program.

Mr. Boualem Yahiaoui is part of our team since September 2014. He is a hard worker, highly creative, lively, adaptable, skilled instructor with a solid background in didactics. He holds a Master’s Degree in Language Sciences with a major in Didactics of Foreign Languages earned from the University of Strasbourg in France and a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting. Boualem is always very committed to his work and concerned about his students and their learning, always doing his best to implement a quality teaching, always keen to learn from the others. He knows how to create a fun classroom atmosphere and be reassuring to motivate his students to learn and progress rapidly. He enjoys going out of the classroom to diversify his teaching and the learning of his students and he is always up to organize and/or participate in various different projects particularly those involving theatre. And last but not least, he is a good cook! A valuable quality that led him to run cooking classes at TII. He also designs and runs workshops to play with the French language.
Boualem is also a translator, enriched of a double culture, and a writer. He speaks English, Arabic and some German.
Wafaa Ammar Ms. Sarah Lecheque is a smiling and lively French native teacher, enriched with a double culture, with more than 12 years of experience in teaching French as a foreign language for audiences of different levels. She also managed several teaching teams in primary and secondary schools.
She hails from the city of Rennes in the Bretagne region of France. Rennes is one of the biggest student cities in France and “la Bretagne” is well-known for its “crêpes”!
Sarah holds a Master’s Degree in Didactics of French as Foreign/Second Language from the Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris. With her positive and pleasant attitude, she uses original, animated and creative teaching methods in the classes she teaches.
She speaks English, Spanish, Arabic and some Chinese she learnt during her Master’s studies to put herself in the situation of learning a completely new foreign language from scratch, experiencing only the target language. She is also interested in theatre, arts in general, and travelling.
Wafaa Ammar

Stéphanie Malbecq is a dynamic, adaptable and hard-working French teacher with natural abilities in public relations and strong communication and interpersonal skills. She hails from Belgium, where she lived near Brussels, the capital of the country and the capital of the European Union, also famous for its waffles, among other things!
Stéphanie used to work as a civil servant at different ministries in the federal and regional governments in Belgium, in collaboration with senior civil servants and ministers. She is a certified French teacher by the Ministry of the French Community in Belgium. For more than 14 years she has been teaching French as a foreign language to children, teenagers and adults of different proficiency levels and of various nationalities and profiles.
She very much likes to meet new people as she values cultural diversity and finds it very enriching. Her family and friendships, as well as her work, have an important place in her life. She is very fond of cooking and tasting “la cuisine fine” of various origin. She is always curious to discover new things while traveling all over the world. Stéphanie speaks English and also has a good knowledge of Dutch.
After spending a couple of years in Bahrain, Stéphanie moved to Qatar a few years ago and joined our team in September 2016.