7th Media for All International Conference

7th Media for All International Conference

Audiovisual translation (AVT) in the 21st century is a place of convergence in which languages, modes and media come together in multiple ways to respond to the advances of technology and the demands of ever-evolving political, cultural and social environments.

Traditional AVT practices such as subtitling, dubbing, SDH and AD, are still the main ways that audiovisual texts are made available and accessible in established contexts. 

In the new digital media ecosystem, internet and broadcast merge. Technology allows for live interoperability between devices (TVs, PCs, smart glasses, mobile phones and the like) and venues (such as theatres, opera houses, cinemas and museums). This landscape lends itself to new media, new formats and new contexts, all demanding innovative approaches and increased specialisation. Novel working and monetising practices are also evident in the field of AVT. Technology is allowing for collaborative working opportunities. Automation and language technologies are sharing traditional workflows, giving rise to a new hybrid human-machine coexistence. Quality is at the heart of this latest industrial revolution where specialisation is the path to excellence.

An example of such specific needs are the special requirements of  AVT for tourism and sports, a topic that will be brought to the fore at this Conference, given the upcoming FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar in 2022.